My name is Jonathan and I want to build your church’s new website.

Let’s get real: a typical church website is outdated, costs to much to maintain, and doesn’t tell the story of your community. Let’s work together to produce something special—a website that opens your church doors far beyond your immediate vicinity and invites people to come inside.

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My Mission

I am passionate about helping churches and other organizations achieve their missional goals. However, many churches are overpaying for outdated web services that hold them back financially and functionally. The era of the affordable self-hosted website is now. There is no longer a good excuse for your main public face not to match the elegance and beauty of your worship, buildings, or music.

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What can I do for you?

If you are a small to medium size church with a limited budget for web projects, then my services would probably be a good match for your needs. My aim is to build simple and elegant church websites at an affordable cost that can be maintained by your staff or volunteers. Once the site is built, I can be as involved, or not, as you like—if you’d rather just take the website and run with it, that’s totally fine by me!

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Let’s get started

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