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National Association of Episcopal Schools Biennial Conference

National Association of Episcopal Schools (as project manager)*

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Contributing Author, The Commons — “The Final Frontier”

Contributing Author, The Commons — “The Repair Shop”

Press Release — “NAES Launches New Online Community and Website Amid Coronavirus Concerns”

Press Release — “NAES Announces Two Significant Changes in Leadership”

Article — “The Presiding Bishop’s Sermon at the Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle”

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NAES Strategic Plan Overview

Includes voiceover. Video proper begins at 1:13.


NAES Diversity & Inclusion Conference 2020
Conference Program

NAES Biennial Conference 2018
Evening Prayer Service Leaflet

NAES Chaplains Retreat
Marketing Postcard

NAES Leaders for the Future Conference
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NAES Early Childhood Education Leadership Day
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Thought Leadership

Matrix Group Webinar: Successful New Member Onboarding through Marketing Automation

How a Small Staff Association Produced an Engaging and Successful Virtual Meeting for 500 Attendees